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Mordheim in Ottawa, Our House Rules and Creations

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6/28/05 12:39 pm - tobes31415 - A lament for Mordheims past

Where has all the Mordheim gone?
Long time passing.
Where has all the Mordheim gone?
Long time ago.
Where has all the Mordheim gone?
Eclipsed by Warcraft every one.
Oh when will they ever learn?
Ohhh when will they... ever learn?

4/12/05 04:37 pm - ottawakismet

April 10

Ogres, High Elves and Harpies defeat Dark Elves and Ostlanders

4/5/05 04:33 pm - ottawakismet

March 26

Ogres and Ostlanders defeated the Sisters of Sigmar and Necromancers Retinue
Jake's Mages and Ostlanders defeated the Necromancers Retinue and the Elves

4/5/05 04:19 pm - ottawakismet - Model Order

I finally price-checked all these and I think these are what I'm going to buy. It's 53.50 without any zombies or shipping, so I'm kind of reluctant to fork out 25$ more for zombies. I only have 6 (30% of my band) zombies, I dunno about buying 20 especially if nobody else will ever play undead.

If anyone wants to order any models from scifigenre.com, (I think they have the best prices, and a huge selection even though its in USD) then we can split the shipping proportionally - i.e. If I order 50$ and you order 25$, then I pay 2/3 and you pay 1/3 of shipping) Let me know if you are thinking about it or not, if anybody is thinking about it I don't mind waiting till next week to put my order in. I want to think about whether or not to get aspiring champion models as well.

Also, the Mordheim Links list is pretty much done. I've assembled alot of what we have, and I think its ready for play. I'll upload it soon.

Models I'm orderingCollapse )

Ones I'm not orderingCollapse )

3/29/05 10:08 am - tobes31415

Hey guys, I started working on my team making again today and was thinking about how we classify teams now, you know, spells that target chaos, true undead. So we classify ppl as Chaos, Undead or neither.
well aside from those two I can't think we consider any other umm... power sources that you could be linked to. I think thats a little bit lopsided. What are the power sources in Mordheim (or any other game)

Chaos - The gods of chaos
Undead - a Subset of Chaos
Holy - the god of the priests and sisters?

Lots of Warbands make references to gods, so in theory there could be multiple power sources. In theory everyone could have their own power source (as opposed to just nothing)

Nature - The god of the elves
Humm.. drawing a blank now.

Also thought of having a neato chart for behaviours to show which ppl are allowed to join which warbands, etc. This chart is ripped off another game. In this chart "chaotic" does not nessecarily mean that the unit draws it strength from or owes its alegence to Chaos.

LawfulLawful EvilLawful NeutralLawful Good
NeutralNeutral EvilTruely NeutralNeutral Good
ChaoticChaotic EvilChaotic NeutralChaotic Good

Lawful - Obeys strict rules, strong command structures
Chaotic - Doesn't follow fules, weak command structures
Good - Helps ppl, fights evil
Evil - kills ppl, fights good

I'd say if a hired sword/dramatis personae is more than one square away in either direction then they can't join your warband

Heres some examples of what could have those behaviour
Lawful Evil - Dark Knights
Neutral Evil - Ogres
Chaotic Evil - Undead Hordes, Harpies
Lawful Neutral - Pit Fighter
True Neutral - most hired swords
Chaotic Neutral - Thieves
Lawful Good - Knights (of the non Dark variety)
Neutral Good - Priests, Sisters
Chaotic Good - Rebels, Freedom Fighters, Robin Hood.

3/22/05 03:51 pm - ottawakismet - Game Results

March 13

Lizardmen and Aspiring Champions defeated the Sisters of Sigmar and Jake's Mages

March 20

Necromancers Retinue and Jake's Mages defeated the Lizardmen and the Sisters of Sigmar

3/1/05 10:12 am - ottawakismet - Killer Shrike Mordheim Skills

Here are the Killer Shrike sites. The second link contains the skill lists we are proposing to introduce.

Killer Shrike Mordheim:


Killer Shrike Mordheim Skills:


Please comment on the skill list. Do you think they should be included, excluded or partially included?

1/23/05 09:58 pm - tobes31415

I have thought of a few terrain oriented spells I think would be neat. These could be spells you aquire as part of a postgame quest style thing or something

  1. A spell to temporarily increase the danger level of water in an area

  2. A spell to temporarily decrease the danger level of water in an area

  3. A spell to summon a large gust of wind perpendicular to bridges

  4. A spell to summon a lesser stone gaurdian

  5. A spell to demoralize your enemy: mists of misery

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